Eorzea Market Note Eorzea Market Note

About Eorzea Market Note

Eorzea Market Note is a market support application for FFXIV's crafters / gatherers.

Did you write up the price of the market in Excel and summarize it? The Eorzea Market Note detects access to the market and automatically records the price. Recorded information can be viewed in real time. And you will be able to browse from anywhere anytime throught the internet.

  • Automatic recording of market information / Real time reference.
  • You can browse information anytime and anywhere.

What you can see from the market research



There are four pieces of information recorded in the market research: Time, Price, Stock, and Circulation. Turnover/day is calculated from there. Also, in the case of crafting items, Material Cost Profits, Profits/day will be added. These are basic information.

The meaning of each information is summarized in Glossary.

In the case of gatherers, it is important to sell the number, so Turnover and Turnover/day are important information.

In the case of crafters, it is important to raise profits, so Protis and Profits/day are important information.

  • You can see Turnover and Turnover/day important for gatherers
  • You can see Profits and Profits/day important for crafters.



You can see the minimum, average, maximum and transition graphs over a certain period of time. You can read the trend of price movements.

  • You can see the minimum, average, maximum.
  • You can see price movements from the graph.


"Price (descending)" "Profits (descending)" "Profits/day (descending)" etc, You can try arranging items by using market research information. You can use it when you decide items to handle by combining with conditions. For example, you can easily search items such as "for Miner" and "Turnover/day (descending)", "for Carpenter" and "Profits/day (descending)".

  • You can sort items by market research information.
  • You can search for items that are most suitable for merchandise along with narrowing down conditions.


There are currently 3 kinds of Eorzea Market Note apps, Windows version, Android version, Web version.

The most powerful one is the Windows version with automatic recording and automatic display function. The Android version has a manual recording function, but it is inferior to the Windows version automatic recording function. The Web version is completely a reference only function.

Most recommended is to use a convenient Windows version when playing games and using Android version or web version outside Even if the Windows version can not be used, you can use it to browse information investigated by others from Android version or Web version.

  • When playing games, Windows version
  • Outside Android / Web version
  • You can use Android / Web version without using Windows version

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