Eorzea Market Note Eorzea Market Note


Released Windows app 4.01.

Released Windows version 4.01 that supports full the World Visit System Support.

Collect various world market information!

Version 4 series supports the World Visit System.

The version 4 series actively supports the World Visit System. The market price of FFXIV varies from world to world. Therefore, market research is also world by world. The first version 4.00, released 5/12 earlier this month, implemented an automatic world recognition feature. Automatic recognition of the world eliminates the need to manually change the account's world settings.

World comparison function

Today's release is a world comparison function that lists market research information of items across the world. See at the screenshots.


You can see the amount in the data center. It has a convenient sort function. Select the "World Comparison" tab on the item screen.